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Zodiac Signs - Makar (Capricorn)

                                           Wish you a very happy makar sankrant !
Capricorn - Makar
Publishing Year : 2010
 Makar sankranti is a festival that gets celebrated across India on 14'th day of January  when Sun makes its transition in to zodiac sign 'Makara' a.k.a Capricorn. It assumes different names in different parts of country, such as, Maghi, Pongal and Makar Sankranthi. This day marks start of Uttarayana, which signals end of chilly winter and paves way for longer days bringing more warmth to the country.

Kite flying is the biggest activity that is associated with Makar Sankranti and kite flying in state of Gujarat is world famous. People also eat and exchange sweets made of til(sesame)-gud(jaggery).

Indian Post published series of 12 stamps in 2010,  each displaying one of the 12 zodiac signs. This post shows one for Makar - Capricorn
1. Mesh (Aeries) 2. Vrushabh (Taurus) 3. Mithuna (Gemini) 4. Kark (Cancer) 5. Sinh (Leo) 6. Kanya (Virgo) 7. Tula (Libra) 8. Vrushchik (Scorpion) 9. Dhanu (Sagittarius) 10. Makar (Capricorn) 11. Kumbh (Aquarius) 12. Meen (Pisces)

What these zodiac signs symbolise? What is their significance? Are they the same across the world?
 More about this in coming posts ...

For those who like gazing the stars, here is how one can locate this constellation.

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